Wild Rice…And More Wild Rice

I believe I might be part squirrel. Each fall before the St. Paul Farmer’s Market closes it’s outdoor market for the season, I squirrel away maple syrup, popcorn, cranberries, and wild rice for the winter. Then about September of the next year, I run across the wild rice and throw it out, and start the cycle again. This week’s assignment broke that cycle and we enjoyed three delicious wild rice recipes.

The three recipes I chose were a wild rice meat loaf, a ham and wild rice quiche, and a wild rice salad with cranberries and pecans. Figuring out how much wild rice to cook was a bit tricky because some of the recipes called for uncooked rice and some called for cooked rice. I must have done the calculation wrong because my first batch of wild rice came up short for the last recipe so I needed to make more rice.

I made the Taste of Home meatloaf first. It was surprising how little ground beef was needed–just one pound. The recipe contained two cups of cheddar and four cups of wild rice. The outcome was a tasty loaf with healthy fillers. We had it for dinner with rosemary and garlic roasted sweet potatoes and then had sandwiches the next day.

I have been wanting to make a quiche for a long time, but every time I think of it it’s for a brunch I am hosting and I fear trying something new for guests. So this assignment gave me an opportunity to try out making a quiche. The allrecipes quiche turned out beautifully. Like the meat loaf, the quiche was filled with other nutritious ingredients such as ham, red peppers, and mushrooms along with the wild rice. While it was perfect for our Sunday brunch, it will be a nice Monday night dinner as well.

The last recipe I made was a seriouseats.com wild rice salad. It accompanied a bowl of homemade tomato soup for dinner and additional leftovers turned into a healthy lunch for my husband and me.

I did enjoy cooking the grain ahead in a big batch because it made the remaining recipes go a lot quicker. I am not sure I would make enough for three recipes, however, because it turns into too many meals for my household of two. I fear we are going to end up with a lot of waste this week.