Home work Assignment #3

OK, everyone in my house is on the Whole 30 Diet for the month. So cooking grain doesn’t really work right now. I compromised and made a large batch of steel cut oats for myself since I already had a container of them and didn’t want them to go to waste. Also, I recently went to the doctor and my cholesterol was high. Oatmeal is suppose to lower cholesterol so I thought that would be a good choice. I just made a large batch to cover me for the week and added walnuts, dates or raisins to the daily bowl with a little milk and heated it up each morning. Worked out great. I don’t have time to cook every morning so this plan worked out. My daughter has 7 kids in her house, 4 of them teenagers, so I will share the grain recipes with her and teach her how to make at least one of them this weekend.

Assignment #2

my new veggies to try are spaghetti squash and another variety squash Kabasch or something close to that.  The sticker got thrown away.  I cut them both in half, scooped out the guts and rubbed them with olive oil.  I put salt on both and cinnamon on the Orange squash.  Baked at 375 for 45 minutes upside down on a cookie sheet.  Served the Orange one with salmon peas and Mac and cheese.  I eat with a 1, 3, 5 & 7 year old.  Spaghetti squash was served with chicken and peas then again with tomato sauce.  They were a pretty good hit.

Home assignment 1


Sautéed cabbage, carrots, onion, celery, garlic.


Salmon baked in a little olive oil and mystery seasoning my husband put together and labeled seafood seasoning.


Most of our house follows Whole 30 diet. So lots of nuts, oils, veggies. Kids have their treat shelf.

Our house has 4 adults and from 1-4 young kids depending on the day. It’s s busy home. I work the most so usually others do the cooking. As you can see we currently have too much food in the house. I had a recipe (kale soup with sweet potatoes and sausage)picked out and bought the ingredients before our class met. But things never go as planned. My husband used up the sausage not knowing I had a plan for it. So I took the veggies and chopped them up anyway, sautéed them in olive oil with a little salt and pepper. I had 1 salmon filet that needed to be cooked so I put it in a glass dish, sprinkled it with a seafood rub my husband made a while ago and baked it in the oven. Satisfying dinner with lots of color.