Home work Assignment #3

OK, everyone in my house is on the Whole 30 Diet for the month. So cooking grain doesn’t really work right now. I compromised and made a large batch of steel cut oats for myself since I already had a container of them and didn’t want them to go to waste. Also, I recently went to the doctor and my cholesterol was high. Oatmeal is suppose to lower cholesterol so I thought that would be a good choice. I just made a large batch to cover me for the week and added walnuts, dates or raisins to the daily bowl with a little milk and heated it up each morning. Worked out great. I don’t have time to cook every morning so this plan worked out. My daughter has 7 kids in her house, 4 of them teenagers, so I will share the grain recipes with her and teach her how to make at least one of them this weekend.