Not a Chef by Trade

Let me start with the hot topic in my life and what has led to my current pantry and lifestyle situation: I recently got divorced. I no longer cook on any regular basis for my ex husband and my three stepchildren. So, going from a regular routine of homework and home cooked meals every night for 5 people to one person has caused my meals and prep to lack significantly.

My lifestyle has changed a lot as my work schedule demands have changed as well. I am much more spontaneous and do a lot less planning than I used to. Therefore I rely a lot more on pastas, frozen veggies versus fresh and other packaged soups and dinners that would lasts and allow for quick meal prep. The kids do come over from time to time so, I do have kid friendly food on hand as well, which isn’t always the most nutritious:) But if they eat it, that’s all you can ask for sometimes, right?!

With my work schedule being demanding with long hours and some late nights, I would love to get more meal planning done and use my weekends to do more weekly cooking. I have seen the lunches you can make online and that looks like a more beneficial option for me at times. I would like more fresh produce but I would need to buy it day of as I know it would spoil too quickly. I have tried some of the Hello Fresh and Blue Apron products for variations and I do like those. Though I have found some of those I don’t finish all the products in and I don’t like the waste.

The meals I chose to make including a childhood favorite of mine that we make every year during the holidays: Cheesy rice with broccoli. It is an old Campbell’s Soup recipe. The second one I made was a classic standby: Mousehouse Grilled Cheese. I have a cookbook all on grilled cheese sandwiches as the kids and I love them. Who doesn’t?!

All turned out delicious and the recipes are simple to make. If I had more fresh items and other produce on hand, I could have made much more of a variety of things. But, I’m not too picky for myself. Worse comes to worse, I end up eating a bowl of Cheerios!