Oats- Assignment 3

This past week I decided on Oats for the whole grain assignment. I always have ‘quick oats’ in my pantry and never really explored all the recipes out there. Typically, I will just make quick oatmeal and call it a day. I wanted to use some recipes in my cook books but noticed majority of the equipment needed I do not have (made me realize I need more kitchen gadgets!) I found one recipe that is specifically a “honey” cookbook. It’s about 30 pages published by the MN Honey producers Assoc. and MN Dept of Agriculture (seems very old and dated). The flavors were sweet and salty from the butterscotch ships and sunflower seeds which related to Chef Bill’s talk on measurements/proportions of salt. Below is what I made from the recipe.

They turned out to be bit sized crumbly cookies. The cookies seemed dry and crumbly but I also didn’t know what to expect since this recipe was so vague. All in all, I brought some into work which my co-workers enjoyed!

My second recipe was from Pinterest- Mixed Berry Vanilla Baked Oatmeal. I really like this recipe because it is healthy, quick and I can have it throughout the week for breakfast (cold or hot). I used frozen mixed berries but topped with fresh black berries.

Mine didn’t turn out as pretty as the Pinterest picture (I am thinking it was because I used mostly frozen fruit?) I also realized I used the wrong size baking dish.. Next time I make this I will plan on using fresh fruit and the right size pan!

Last recipe was from Pinterest as well. I was debating  between oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) or something unusual that I haven’t made before. So I went with Coco Chia Granola Balls. http://nutritiontwins.com/coco-chia-granola-balls-2/

The above right pic are the ingredients for these granola balls (minus the vino 🙂 ) I am starting to use coconut oil in cooking/baking since there are a lot of health benefits. This was a pretty easy preparation and tasted good.

A lot of the oat recipes I looked for contained to many ingredients with too much sugar so I wanted to look at oats in a healthy, unique way. The baked oatmeal definitely changed my way of oatmeal preparation and the variety of old fashion oats in general.

Home Assignment 1

This was a fun assignment as I currently do not have much in my refrigerator or pantry since I am moving soon! So I had to be creative. Luckily, this past weekend my roommate had a birthday party and I lucked out with the left overs from the veggie tray. MyFridgeFood.com is an amazing website that lets you select foods you already have and generates unique recipes that include those foods. I picked Parmesan Roasted Broccoli. I had to substitute to Cheddar cheese because that is all I had on hand. Below are my ingredients and how it turned out! It didn’t take too much prep time and I roasted them at 425 degrees for 10 min. I also threw in some peppers as those were on the veggie tray too-

I always have olive oil and lemon on hand. I feel like those are essential ingredients and give many of options to preparing meals, drinks, and homemade natural beauty products.

When it comes to cooking, I try to be spontaneous (fits my personality too:) and I like to add my own twist to the recipe. I usually don’t buy mass quantities of items at the grocery store and am especially trying to eat up the random foods I had in my pantry/refrigerator before I move. The second recipe is very VERY simple but it’s what I could think of (also with the help of Pinterest)


I spread PB on Ritz crackers and topped with cut up strawberry’s and drizzled melted dark chocolate. It’s a nice snack/dessert however, these pictures above do not look too appealing. They tasted better than they look! I like how you can turn a simple cracker into a decent appetizer/snack with just a few added ingredients. Unfortunately, my pantry didn’t have many ingredients to work with.