Quinoa – Too Much

Well it was quite an experience with Quinoa.

Top left picture: I made breakfast first with quinoa adding cinnamon and nutmeg to the water I cooked the quinoa in. After that cooked, I added raisins and brown sugar and milk. It was OK but I like oatmeal better.

Top middle picture: I made quinoa as a dinner with onions and garlic sauteed, then you add the quinoa and vegetable broth as the liquid. Once it’s cooked, I added frozen corn and 2 cans of beans plus cumin and cayenne pepper as the seasoning. It said to add cilantro in with it but I liked it better on top. The end result is in the top right picture. I think it needed more juice as it was kinda dry. It also made a lot which I will be eating for days. If I make it again, I will cut it in half. On day two of eating it, I added sour cream to it which helped.

When I made quinoa with cinnamon and nutmeg, I had lots left so I added it to my pancake mix. The top pancake, I added more batter to it and it wasn’t as grainy as the bottom one. The end result picture is the bottom right. It was okay but not sure I would make the pancakes again. I read your quantity list and should have looked at it more careful as I am sure I cooked way too much.

Another thing I learned with Quinoa is that it good to clean your insides out if you eat it more than one meal in a day. Go ahead and laugh but it’s the truth.

Prepared by Debbie



Homework#2 – Red Cabbage and Chayote Squash

In my first picture, I took in the store so I would know how to spell it to look it up. This week it was a challenge of sorts as I chose the red cabbage and chayote squash. The last picture is actually the first dish I made with the cabbage – nothing special just fried cabbage in margarine.

The 4th picture – I found a recipe and tweaked it a bit to my liking. It has red cabbage sauteed in margarine then added brown sugar and apples, some allspice and 2 tsp. of balsamic vinegar. (I told a neighbor about this one and she wanted to taste it. She said I could make it again for her.)

The 2nd picture – I sauteed red cabbage and the chayote squash with salt and pepper.

The 3rd picture was my dinner tonight, baked chicken, the chayote squash and red cabbage and a dinner roll. I also tried this Jackfruit which I plan to bring to class tomorrow so others can taste it.

As to the questions for the week: How does the amount of fresh vegetables and fruit consumed this week compare to other weeks?  I try to take either fruit or vegetables in my lunches but I sure ate more cooked vegetables this week.

Do you see advantages or drawbacks to purchasing fresh produce in bulk? I only bought a head of cabbage but got 3 meals out of it because I am the only one to eat it. However, in the past, buying produce in bulk, I noticed that I have wasted a lot because it went bad.

Made by Debbie

Pear Tart and Awesome Pork Chops

Since I talked to Bill after class about not knowing what to make and he suggested a  pear tart. I have never made a tart in my life so I found this recipe for a Rustic Pear Tart on Pinterest. It looked simple enough which is what I look for in recipes. I only had canned pears so I drained them really good. My first thoughts were that this is not going to work because its so wet and there weren’t enough pears to make this work. However, after making the dough, which was much smaller than I though and I came to the conclusion that the I had way to much fruit so I made a second one. The first one seemed like there wasn’t enough dough and fell apart on all sides. The second one I made with twice the amount of dough and at least it looks better. I think if I did this again, I would add something more to the dough for favor.

The Awesome Pork Chop recipe, I also got on Pinterest. I have made Pork chops before but usually I throw them in the oven and they turn out tough. So I did something out of my comfort zone and made these following a recipe. It called for Italian bread crumbs but I substituted cracker crumbs. The recipe had me dip the pork chops into eggs and then the bread crumbs, then fry them until golden. The recipe had me bake the pork chops and then 10 minutes before put a sauce of mushroom soup, milk and white wine. I substituted some moscoto wine for the white wine and added garlic powder because I didn’t have the Mushroom soup with roasted garlic as it was called for.  It was wonderful and will definitely make that again.

My cooking style has changed over the years. When my children were growing up, I always had a dinner ready for them with a meat, potatoes/rice and veggies. But since they are on their own, my dinners are more a what can I throw together or drive-thru meal on the fly. I am working to make more meals on the weekends so I have something to take to work for lunches.

When I look in my cupboards for something to eat, I get discouraged because nothing goes with anything. My pantry has lots of miscellaneous stuff from tea to spices, to canned veggies, to dessert making items to jellies. I have tons of spices some of which I don’t know how to use them and usually use the same ones over and over. My spices are also old and wonder if they lose their flavor after years.