Assignment #2 – Kale and Eggplant

I chose Kale and Eggplant as my two types of produce. Before this class, I had tried each of these before, but thought they were terrible! Then during our first week, I actually REALLY enjoyed the kale we made in class and decided to give both Kale, and Eggplant another chance!

The first dish I prepared with Kale was a very simple Frittata, with egg, cheese, tomato, onion and kale. I wanted to try incorporating Kale into breakfast and this was a delicious way to do so!!


The next thing I tried was with the eggplant, making Baked Eggplant Parmesan. I also decided to spice up the recipe a bit and add some extra sauteed kale I had into the sauce for fun. I coated the eggplant in eggs and bread crumbs, then baked on a cookie sheet. Then I laid the baked eggplant in sauce, kale, and added the parmesan and mozzarella. After baking it all together, I sprinkled a bit more kale on top to be fancy! I was pleasantly surprised that both my husband and I really enjoyed the eggplant! Time to add it to our line up of vegetables for our garden this year! 🙂


Finally, I often rely on some very simple recipes during the week and I wanted to find an easy way to add Kale without much hassle to something I already enjoy. So I made a Kale Parmesan Whole Wheat Pasta dish. It was incredibly simple, just saute some kale, add to whole wheat angel hair pasta with garlic, olive oil and parmesan. It made a great meal and one that is easy to bring to work during the week for lunches!


I think this assignment was a great exercise for me. I often want to try new produce, but hesitate because I’m not sure how to prepare it. This class has really helped to move me outside my comfort zone and gave me some great hands on experience with a variety of produce, grains, ginger, etc. that has helped me gain a little confidence. After preparing both the kale and eggplant in recipes that we really enjoyed, I feel much more excited about giving other produce a try!


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