Assignment #2

I chose asparagus and beets.  I made an “Asparagus, Vidalia and Beet Salad.”  The asparagus and beets were steamed separately for about the same amount of time. and onions were added to the asparagus steaming container right at the end.  A Dijon mustard dressing was mixed with both vegetables and then vegetables were presented on a bed of greens.

This was tasty when it was fresh, not as good the second and third time around as the asparagus and onions became mushy…the beets held their shape.

I then mixed in some steamed asparagus with my scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I didn’t have extra beets to try another dish with, but saw lots of good looking beet-based salads.

[I’ve got pictures, but can’t seem to get them on here….I’ve given up trying!] Marilyn

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