Assignment #2

My two new vegetables this week were spaghetti squash and Brussel sprouts:


I’ve been wanting to try spaghetti squash for a while.  I enjoyed Brussel sprouts in a meal cooked in class last week, so I thought I’d also give it a try.  This was not a great week for meal planning in our household.  So, while heating up water for Mac & Cheese for the kids, I thought I’d cook these veggies for my husband and I.

I followed the directions on the squash sticker and cooked it in the microwave, first for a minute so I could slice it in half and remove the seeds, and then for another 15 minutes face down in a little water. It came out great!

I then sautéed a little garlic in butter, then added the squash and voila!  Super easy.


I peeled and cut the Brussel sprouts, then tossed in some olive oil, salt, and pepper and roasted in the oven.  Also super easy!


The first night, we ate just the squash and sprouts.  Not very exciting – a protein would help a lot!  Plus, the flavor of the Brussel sprouts was a bit strong for our tastes.


Night two, we used leftovers as a side dish with steak.  And added BBQ sauce for dipping the Brussel sprouts.  Much better!


Day 3, I ate the remaining Brussel sprouts with some plain Greek yogurt for lunch.  Not bad!


I will definitely like to try the spaghetti squash again, using different sauces.  I’m not sure about the Brussel sprouts.   But, it was great to try something new this week!


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