Homework #3 – Whole Grains

For my whole grain I chose Wheat Berries.  In the class cooking assignment, Bill mentioned that he many times boils water and then pours over the grain and lets soak for an hour or so; that way it doesn’t heat up the house.  Well I found a “recipe” to actually make your grains in a crock pot.  This was much better than having the house all steamed up which was very nice with as warm as this last weekend was.


My first two recipes were breakfast items.  I made parfaits and a spinach soufflé/quiche.  Here are the ingredients for the souffle.


I first started with buttering and then adding bread crumbs to a 9″ spring form pan.


I sautéed the onions and garlic in some olive oil.


You mixed all ingredients together and poured into the prepared pan and topped off with the shredded cheese.


In the last few minutes of baking, I turned the oven to broil to get the top nice and brown.


While the souffle was in the over baking, I made the parfaits.


Mix wheat berries with greek yogurt, a small amount of honey and vanilla.  Put into a serving dish and top with graham cracker crumbs and fruit.


This was a great meal with my family on Mothers Day morning!


My final recipe was a veggie stew.  Ingredient list:


Sauté the carrots and onion in the olive oil until softened.  Combine all ingredients into a large pot and simmer.


This is a very easy thing to make ahead and pull out for a quick meal after work.

What a fun assignment!  Happy cooking!



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