Buckwheat Bonanza

So this week I decided to try a grain I’ve never cooked with, buckwheat groats. It was interesting to learn that it is a broad leaf plant related to rhubarb. I cooked up a cup in water but it easily filled a big bowl. So, what did I do with it? So far I made buckwheat tabouleh which was yummy, buckwheat waffles and buckwheat chocolate chip cookies. Both the waffles and cookies have some buckwheat flour in them as well which I made by grinding the remaining buckwheat in my food processor. I also used whole wheat flour for the cookies. The cookies have a nutty, chewy flavor. I’m hoping my grandsons will like them. For the buckwheat waffles, I used a high protein pancake/waffle recipe I have that uses cottage cheese and lots of eggs. I added both the cooked buckwheat and substituted 1/2 buckwheat flour for the all purpose flour. They were lighter than I thought they would be and very flavorful. I like to make extra waffles, pack them in sandwich bags and freeze them. Then in the morning I can pop one or two in the toaster and have a nice warm breakfast before I head to the University.  All in all, this was a fun week of trolling recipes. I bought some soba noddles this week (also buckwheat) and I’ll make a miso soup with shrimp dish next weekend. I found a great little cookbook, Whole Grains for Busy People by Lorna Sass (2009) that I’m excited about using to cook more wholesome grains at home. Here are some photos from this week’s exploration with buckwheat:

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