Week 3: Wild Rice

Wild Rice

I chose wild rice for my grain this week because I had a bag of it in my pantry! And it’s delicious. So I cooked the entire bag and ended up with 10 cups of cooked wild rice! A 5-cup container frozen for later, and a 5-cup container in the fridge for my assignment…

“Recipe” #1 – Wild Rice for breakfast, with frozen berries as the topping.

Wild Rice with Frozen Berries

No recipe – just wild rice with frozen berries! Microwave for a couple minutes at 60% power to get everything nicely warmed up and enjoy. Delicious and incredibly simple. Repeated a few times throughout the week, with around one cup of wild rice and a generous layer of berries on top.

Recipe #2 – Wild Rice Pancakes, by Marian Burros, from the New York Times (link)

Wild Rice Pancake

I made this recipe on Sunday morning and enjoyed two pancakes with real maple syrup. It was very tasty, but the batter was very thick, and the pancakes were very heavy eating. While it was very tasty, I would tweak the recipe somewhat to thin out the batter and see what that does to the heaviness of the pancakes. I’m guessing it would only have a small effect. The pancakes really sat like a brick in my stomach for a while. I will try them again with some tweaks, but I also may try simply mixing some wild rice with some boxed pancake mix, and made with a bit of extra liquid…

I have 5 more pancakes in the freezer, and I think one pancake will be sufficient for one breakfast!!!

Recipe #3 – Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup, by Martha Rose Shulman, from the New York Times (link)

Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup

I didn’t find the dried porcini mushrooms, so I subbed fresh portabellas. I also tweaked the cooking process to add the already cooked wild rice toward the end, and I forgot the peas since I was multitasking while cooking!!! BUT, despite the goof-ups and the substitutions, this was a really tasty soup! I’ll do this again. Now I have 6 single serve containers in the freezer, and two multi-serving containers. Next time I make this, I will add more wild rice (already increased from 2/3 cup to about 1.5 cups) and I’ll also add more vegetables. And maybe remember to add the peas?

New things I learned: Bouquet garni. Never heard of this, but I can really see the benefit of this! Mine consisted simply of thyme and parsley – no bay leaf and no parmesan rind. But still very tasty results and a recipe I’ll hang on to…

Oh – and I forgot to photograph the process!!! Blessed multitasking…

One thought on “Week 3: Wild Rice

  1. RobinS says:

    It’s all good – the final photos are wonderful!
    I like that you kept it simple for breakfast – oftentimes that is the best way to really explore the flavor. Regarding the pancakes, I hope you try then again. Perhaps you could try making them with buttermilk and adding 1 teaspoon baking soda to the dry ingredients along with the baking powder, also add one more tablespoon of butter – more fat will produces a more pleasing texture. One last thing, mixing the pancake batter until it is just mixed (batter is still lumpy) makes fluffier pancakes.
    The soup sounds really good, and as you mentioned, could be changed easily to your tastes.
    Thanks for taking the class, I hope you enjoyed it!


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