Home Assignment 2

I had never purchased fresh artichokes before because they just look intimidating and I really had no idea how to prepare them or eat them.  So, for this week’s assignment I started by going to the internet to read about artichokes.  First I read about their history. Apparently they are mentioned as a garden plant by Homer in the 8th century BC!  Then I discovered that almost all the artichokes sold in the United States come from California. I spent some time searching for artichoke recipes but I had to go back to the internet to read more about the parts of an artichoke before I could understand the recipe directions. IMG_1457

I wanted to cook fresh artichokes so I ended up just steaming them over a poaching liquid of water, chicken broth and lemon rinds. Then I cut off the petals and made some lemon garlic aioli sauce for a dip. It was a messy appetizer to eat but it was actually quite good.

Like many people I would like to try to eat more greens and salads.  So the second type of produce that I purchased this week was romaine lettuce.  I love Caesar salad and I usually buy bottled Caesar salad dressing but this week I made Caesar dressing from scratch.  I started by cutting a loaf of bread into cubes to making croutons.IMG_1400

Then I made the dressing.  I had to poke the ends of 4 raw eggs with a needle and place the eggs in boiling water for 90 seconds.  IMG_1401

Then I cracked the eggs and spooned out the semi cooked egg and whisked it together with olive oil, lemon juice, and minced anchovies. The result was a dressing that was so much better than any “gourmet” dressing that I could ever buy at the grocery store.  While the Caesar dressing was a little bit difficult to make I experimented with a few other vinaigrette dressings  this week and discovered that they were all fairly easy to make and amazingly good.  I might just quit buying store bought salad dressings!


One thought on “Home Assignment 2

  1. RobinS says:

    Reading that you may stop buying bottled dressing warms my heart!
    As you noted, salad dressings are surprisingly easy and far tastier. There are eggless Caesar salad dressings (they include mayonnaise in place of egg & oil) – very easy to make.
    Thanks for sharing the information about artichokes – a little food history is always welcome. This is also a good time year to buy and eat artichokes, as they are at their prime.


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