Basically all veggies are new to me when it comes to cooking…

This week’s challenge was to try to cook with veggies you’ve never had before or to try using produce in a new way. I went with the latter option since I have only ever made maybe a dozen different dishes in my life. I’d like to learn how to cook my favorite veggies in new ways before I dive into eating winter melon, buddha’s hand, or some other exotic one.

For the first meal, I chose kale (which we already had in the fridge – I didn’t go shopping this week). I’ve never cooked at home with kale before, but it seems like quite a versatile veggie and I especially like that it lasts quite a long time in the fridge since I don’t shop that often. I like the idea of going shopping each week and buying the same ingredients but using them in different recipes throughout the week (I get easily overwhelming in the supermarket – so many choices!)

Because I really liked the kale and potato soup from class, I wanted to try to make a soup, but something hardier that could serve as a one-pot meal. I didn’t have any potatoes, which seem like a key ingredient for thickening soups, so I searched online and found a recipe for Lentil, Kale, and Quinoa stew. This recipe also used coconut oil, which we also had in the pantry, but I probably couldn’t have told you what it was supposed to be used for before making this. It actually added a nice sweetness to the stew. The spices included were another added bonus. The stew was hardy and it made a ton, so we had leftovers for lunch. This definitely increased my veggie intake this week and the recipe is a winner, so I hope to make it again in the future. Check back for meal #2.

3 thoughts on “Basically all veggies are new to me when it comes to cooking…

  1. RobinS says:

    This looks beautiful, and I’ll bet it was even better the next day.
    I think it’s a good strategy to learn to make the vegetables you enjoy in a variety of ways – we often get stuck in a rut with vegetables.
    Look forward to seeing your next produce preparations!


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