Let’s stop at Whole Foods

On our way to the lake for the weekend and knowing I needed to do this assignment, I said to my hubbie, “Let’s stop at whole Foods.” “Groan” was his reply. Well, I know the groan has to do with having to stop rather than with Whole Foods. So, I dashed in and grabbed some things in the produce dept that I had never seen before or just never cooked with – kale, orange cauliflower, purple carrots, Velvet Pippolini mushrooms, and black and watermelon radishes.


So Friday’s dinner was spaghettini with kale and garlic, roasted orange cauliflower with garlic and peppers,  and buffalo burgers. The roasted cauliflower was fragrant and flavorful. It didn’t seem any different to me than the white variety. The spahettini with kale was great. The kale is cut into bite size pieces before it is reduced in garlic, olive oil , butter, red pepper flakes and a little lemon. then it’s poured over the noodles and parmesan is added before serving. I’d definitely make this recipe again.

Tonight we had the purple carrots roasted whole in olive oil and I made a cream of mushroom soup with portabellas and the Velvet Pioppinis. Purple carrots are not at all like our orange variety. Roasted they seem to taste more like squash than sweet carrot. They have very thick purple skins and a cream colored interior. I probably wouldn’t do the roasted carrot again. I plan to try them raw and maybe steam one, just to try the different tastes. The mushroom soup was our absolute favorite – so rich I hardly needed to serve the grilled pork on the side. Oh, yeah, we had some sweet corn (from Florida) too – just not our good MN variety yet. All in all I had fun trying these new recipes and produce items. I have yet to figure out what to do with the black and watermelon radishes. I’m thinking a cold salad of sorts. Stay tuned!



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