The State of Our Kitchen

We don’t really go grocery shopping. We dread battling other people for room in the grocery isle and at the checkout. We discovered Instacart about 6 months ago and quickly realized how much time is wasted getting groceries. You can shop at Cub, Target, Whole Foods, Lunds, even the liquor store. Check it out: Instacart, I think this link gives you $10 off the first order. We also shop for our Filipino foods at Phil-Oriental in Saint Paul. Sometimes we will go to Chicago on the weekend and shop at Seafood City in Skokie  and eat at JollyBee.

First, let’s discuss what is in the top pantry. These are all various condiments and ingredients for homemade nachos… we have this every Friday night while watching Bill Maher on HBO. #Resist 😉


This next pantry holds our spices and random cooking ingredients.


In the freezer we like to keep a stock of breads, meats, chocolate, and Arby’s fries.


In the fridge we keep lots of Almond Milk, Baileys Creamer, salsa for the nachos, various condiments, leftovers to be eaten at work the next day, and diet soda. In the crisper we keep all the vegetables.



3 thoughts on “The State of Our Kitchen

  1. RobinS says:

    Grocery delivery is a great convenience – I have given the gift of grocery delivery to family members who can’t shop, and it’s been a godsend.
    I happen to be one of those people who doesn’t mind grocery shopping (I shop at the local coops and farmer’s markets) – I love being able to see and touch the produce before I buy it. I also love that produce is the first thing one sees in a grocery store, and I appreciate the the care that the grocer takes in creating beautiful produce displays.
    Are you pretty content with the way things are with your cooking repertoire? Are there any changes that you’re hoping to make as a result of taking this class?
    Thanks for sharing!


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