Meal planning and 2nd recipe

There are three people who currently live at my house – me, my husband , and son.  My two older daughters are out of the house.  We own a business and my son works in retail so planning meals is not something that I usually do.  I never know when they are going to be home so having a scheduled meal is something that I really need to plan on.  My pantry is also filled with staple food – the kinds of things that are used for many spur of the moment meals.  My son is also pretty picky so the general meal is “comfort food”.

Tonight I decided to take our theme from week one (sauces) and make my own alfredo sauce.  Dinner was a salad, chicken alfredo and a nice glass of wine!

Before I move on, I first have a question for the more professional chefs.  I have this Kyocera knife and just LOVE IT.  What do the professionals think of this kind of knife?


Here are the beginnings to the meal.  Chicken breast, pasta, cream, butter, olive oil, shredded cheese (parmesan and mozzarella).


I got the past started and also the butter and cream for the sauce.


While things were cooking, I made a salad and opened the wine to breathe.  The chicken cooked in some grapeseed oil (it is a little lighter than olive oil and I love it for sautéing) and basil.

The final dinner turned to pretty well!


One thought on “Meal planning and 2nd recipe

  1. RobinS says:

    Looks like a successful dinner!
    Regarding the knife, in my opinion, if you love it and it serves all your cutting needs, that is all that matters. If you want Bill’s opinion, ask him in class tonight – he doesn’t go through the blogs.
    My son loves chicken Alfredo with Spinach – would your son like that addition?


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