Assignment #1

It was a particularly busy week so my first meal preparation was actually a light lunch with things I had around the house.  I was going to experiment with an old favorite – egg salad – but instead of making a batch of homemade mayo – I chose to use mashed avocado instead for a healthier option.  Here are my ingredients – hard boiled eggs, avocado, tomato for color and some seasoning to taste (garlic and onion powder, paprika, salt and pepper)


OK – so I didn’t make my bread from scratch!

I first started with cutting up all of the ingredients for the egg salad.  After that, not hard to mix all together and season to taste.


Here is the final lunch –

Egg salad sandwich, strawberries and lemon water.  It was a perfect light lunch but very filling.


3 thoughts on “Assignment #1

  1. RobinS says:

    Your sandwich looks delicious – who makes homemade bread on a regular basis these day?
    I’m wondering if you had a chance to reflect on the other part of the assignment – meal planning and the status of your pantry…
    What was your second recipe?
    Thanks for the post!


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