Sunday brunch – Poached Eggs Blackstone

So, here’s my second recipe trial for our first week’s assignment. In the old Joy of Cooking, Rombauer and Becker (1975), I found an alternative to Eggs Benedict, Poached Eggs Blackstone,  where the English muffin is replaced with a floured and fried tomato slice. This recipe calls for Hollandaise sauce and tops all with minced bacon.  I’ve been a fan of Knorr packets of Hollandaise sauce but this time I decided to do the sauce from scratch. (Notice my substitute for a double boiler and substitute for a wire whisk — part of my egg beater). Here are some photos:

Would I do this recipe again? Maybe; you need time. My hubby loved it though. What I found interesting is that the white pepper, salt and floured tomatoes fried in the leftover bacon grease made the tomatoes very flavorful and actually sweet to the taste. The hollandaise with its deep lemony flavor and cayenne pepper cut that sweetness. Overall, it was an enjoyable meal.

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