Week #1 Homework: But My Pantry is Bare!

I decided to make my first assignment while at our cabin in northern WI. However, I forgot that we pretty much empty the cabinets every fall as we don’t heat the upper floor in the winter. So much for using only the ingredients at hand. I arrived to find a few basics in our bins that hold the leftovers things we store in a lower level storage room, namely a can of low sodium chicken broth, brown rice and low sodium tamari. So, I explored the old cookbooks and found a recipe that used all three, Gingered Stir-Fry with Shrimp and Snow Peas. I headed to town and bought the rest of the ingredients (except had to substitute sugar snap peas for snow peas and Thai chili garlic paste for Chinese chile-garlic sauce). I also decided to improvise a bit and added slivered peppers and sliced portabella mushrooms, adding them to the stir-fry with the sugar snap peas. How did it turn out?  My hubby said, “Fantastically good!” I would definitely make this recipe again.IMG_3503IMG_3509



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