Quinoa – Too Much

Well it was quite an experience with Quinoa.

Top left picture: I made breakfast first with quinoa adding cinnamon and nutmeg to the water I cooked the quinoa in. After that cooked, I added raisins and brown sugar and milk. It was OK but I like oatmeal better.

Top middle picture: I made quinoa as a dinner with onions and garlic sauteed, then you add the quinoa and vegetable broth as the liquid. Once it’s cooked, I added frozen corn and 2 cans of beans plus cumin and cayenne pepper as the seasoning. It said to add cilantro in with it but I liked it better on top. The end result is in the top right picture. I think it needed more juice as it was kinda dry. It also made a lot which I will be eating for days. If I make it again, I will cut it in half. On day two of eating it, I added sour cream to it which helped.

When I made quinoa with cinnamon and nutmeg, I had lots left so I added it to my pancake mix. The top pancake, I added more batter to it and it wasn’t as grainy as the bottom one. The end result picture is the bottom right. It was okay but not sure I would make the pancakes again. I read your quantity list and should have looked at it more careful as I am sure I cooked way too much.

Another thing I learned with Quinoa is that it good to clean your insides out if you eat it more than one meal in a day. Go ahead and laugh but it’s the truth.

Prepared by Debbie



One thought on “Quinoa – Too Much

  1. RobinS says:

    As you found out, quinoa is a versatile grain that also happens to give one a fiber boost!
    There’s a lot of new research being done that is looking at the effects of dietary fiber on the human microbiome – I’ve read that more fiber is a good thing for gut health.
    I like oatmeal for breakfast more than quinoa, too, and I like adding whole grains to pancakes – I know the texture is different, but they seem to satiate my appetite more quickly than straight-up pancakes.
    I hope you enjoyed this assignment and the class!


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