Quinoa for days

Blueberry Quinoa “oatmeal”

I am not really a breakfast person so I decided to do two breakfast quinoa recipes to branch out a little. I had all of the ingredients for the blueberry quinoa except flaxseed.  It was pretty good but bland.  I think I used too much quinoa and not enough of everything else. It also seems like its “missing something” maybe more fruit like blueberries and strawberries would give it more dimension.





Quinoa and Black Beans

This was probably my favorite dish.  I love salad.  Again though, it seemed a little one dimensional with the taste.  The cilantro really stood out and the recipe also called for two cans of black beans. I only used one but it still seemed like a lot.The only ingredient I was missing was corn. I essentially just chopped up all the ingredients, mixed it up and then added the quinoa and avocado on top. I did decide to incorporate some cherry tomatoes the second time I ate this dish and I liked it a little better. This dish tasted “fresh.”




The Savory Quinoa breakfast I liked a little bit better than the blueberry quinoa “oatmeal.”  This was a quick and easy recipe.  I also added some hot sauce to it as well.  This dish I thought was the best proportion of everything. I first made the quinoa, cooked down the kale (instead of spinach), cherry tomatoes, and onions.  Then I mixed them together and threw an egg over easy on top!



2 thoughts on “Quinoa for days

  1. RobinS says:

    Your dishes look good – I can see why some might have tasted bland. The first one was made using skim milk (similar to using water) and the second one only used 1 teaspoon of a tasteless fat – fat is needed in dishes to carry flavor, so don’t be afraid to use whole milk, butter, or a nice olive oil (which would have been good in the second dish). Breakfast porridges are particularly delicious with butter and full-fat dairy (you don’t need to go overboard, a little dab will do.)
    Breakfast bowls are a great way to start a day. You can use all manner of pre-cooked grains, greens, salsa, kimchi, and egg to create a truly filling and satisfying meal.
    Thank you for taking the class. I hope you enjoyed it!


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