Homework#2 – Red Cabbage and Chayote Squash

In my first picture, I took in the store so I would know how to spell it to look it up. This week it was a challenge of sorts as I chose the red cabbage and chayote squash. The last picture is actually the first dish I made with the cabbage – nothing special just fried cabbage in margarine.

The 4th picture – I found a recipe and tweaked it a bit to my liking. It has red cabbage sauteed in margarine then added brown sugar and apples, some allspice and 2 tsp. of balsamic vinegar. (I told a neighbor about this one and she wanted to taste it. She said I could make it again for her.)

The 2nd picture – I sauteed red cabbage and the chayote squash with salt and pepper.

The 3rd picture was my dinner tonight, baked chicken, the chayote squash and red cabbage and a dinner roll. I also tried this Jackfruit which I plan to bring to class tomorrow so others can taste it.

As to the questions for the week: How does the amount of fresh vegetables and fruit consumed this week compare to other weeks?  I try to take either fruit or vegetables in my lunches but I sure ate more cooked vegetables this week.

Do you see advantages or drawbacks to purchasing fresh produce in bulk? I only bought a head of cabbage but got 3 meals out of it because I am the only one to eat it. However, in the past, buying produce in bulk, I noticed that I have wasted a lot because it went bad.

Made by Debbie

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