It was a tough week and I missed accompanying my wife’s grocery shopping. I will make up for that shopping part hopefully in next assignment. So I had to cook  meals using the produces that my wife purchased. I found zucchini, green onions, garlics, onions, and mushrooms. Additionally there was tofu. So I decided to cook mapo tofu with no meat and plenty of vegetables!

The first step is to chop all vegetables and tofu into small pieces. I used all knife techniques that Bill taught in the class and was able to impress my wife!


One thing I tried this time was to fry garlic pieces with olive oil before anything. This I think allowed garlic flavor to spread over all ingredients that I added later.


Then I added all the other vegetable pieces starting with onion and followed by zucchini. The last one added was mushrooms.


When zucchinis and onions became translucent in olive oil, it was the time to add tofu. I takes about 5 minutes or so until all tofu are cooked. The trick is to be gentle in order to mix without breaking firm tofu.


The last step is to add oyster sauce. At this step, I tried adding a very spicy pepper sauce and found it working great! But I had to be careful not to make it too salty.


Here is the final product! It turned out great.


My family’s diet is primarily vegetarian, so there was not much difference this week in terms of vegetable consumed. As we have three children, we are often quite overwhelmed with what daily cooking requires. This practically forces us to buy things in bulk. One exception is vegetable. We always try to be thoughtful about the amount of vegetable we buy so we maintain the balance of fresh vegetable and not-having-to-shopt often.









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