Home Assignment 1: Stuff in Pans

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful partner that actually enjoys cooking! Part of the reason I am taking this class is to start pulling my weight in the cooking department. Generally, Sam (the cooking extraordinaire) makes a meal plan for the week and then constructs a corresponding shopping list. I will chip in and cook a couple nights of the week, but my repertoire is fairly limited, so it usually ends up being one of four things I can confidently construct. This week I was set to make pan fried fish, potatoes, and  asparagus. However, our usually trusty deep freeze came up empty on the fish front.


No fish in there?!

So I had to think on my feet and only use what we had available in the house (you know, like the whole point of this assignment). When I find myself in these situations I tend to take the “What needs to get eaten?” approach. The first think I noticed was that we had 3 dozen eggs (thanks to my mom, who dropped  by last weekend and brought some of the fruits of her hens’ labor). That is way too many eggs for us so let’s grab some of those. next I noticed the smoked salmon that has been hanging out near the back of the cheese drawer. Hey! Fish after all! That’s how I landed on the smoked salmon scramble . I decided to stick with the originally planned pan fried potatoes and asparagus on the side. The finished product below shows my minor adjustments to the recipes.

kimg0043I used hot smoked salmon as opposed to the cold smoked salmon from the recipe and instead of chives I used scallions. I also threw some Munster cheese in there since it was on top of the salmon in the cheese drawer and it looked like they wanted to stay together. I also added some dry dill, as advised by my home cooking coach (she was right, it needed the dill). I also used scallions instead of the onion in the potatoes.

Even though Sam keeps a very well stocked kitchen, I actually found it somewhat difficult to pull a meal together. I have a hard time seeing the potential finished product when just looking at the building blocks. I’m hoping to develop some of those skills over the next couple weeks.

One thought on “Home Assignment 1: Stuff in Pans

  1. RobinS says:

    Looks like an awesome meal!
    I hope you’re able to grow your cooking intuition. It takes time and practice, but I think this class will help you with some foundational stuff . Hopefully, you’ll have some fun along the way, too!
    Thanks for sharing.


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