Bok Choy & Swiss Chard

I wouldn’t say it was easy, but my three meals are complete.

Easy Miso-Chicken Ramen

This was a pretty easy recipe, and I will have soup for days. I still need to learn how to plan ahead for recipes. I would like to not make 5 trips to the grocery store in 24 hours (3 just for this recipe) – The co-op to scout for produce, then to Shuang Hur for miso and “chinese noodles” – is this a thing, or was the writer just being lazy? I got Udon noodles instead. Then to Target for the ginger root.

I decided to roast a whole chicken, assuming my partner would appreciate eating some drummies and wings instead of soup. The mistake I made was not putting the chicken in much earlier before starting the soup. The rest of the soup sat on the stove simmering for too long and the udon noodles turned starchy as I waited for the chicken to be done. Or Maybe I will just cook the noodles separately, if there is a next time. This would be better for freezing it, too.

( decided to make some chicken stock too while I was at it…)

Crunchy Bok Choy Coleslaw

For starters, don’t be fooled by this photo. There is no mayo in this slaw; nothing to make it look like the creamy yumminess of regular coleslaw. It may be because I found a slug the size of my fingernail, chopped in half on my cutting board… but I didn’t like this recipe too much. I don’t mind bugs in my produce when I’m expecting them, from the garden or a farmers market, but this head was from Target, and I definitely washed it, too! I threw that initial chopped pile away, washed and combed through the rest with vigor, and carried on. Once it was done, I decided to add a little of that creaminess it was missing by making the mayonnaise from our first class. I was too lazy to whip it as much as I should have but it still worked. I still didn’t like it, and on another trip back to the grocery store, I picked up cabbage to add to it (just like me to keep sinking time and energy into something instead of throwing it out), and I also added a tidge of some fantastic Finnish mustard. That made it better, so I am begrudgingly eating it to make it go away.

Tortilla Casserole with Swiss Chard

For my next trick, I decided to turn swiss chard into food. The only recipe I’ve found that I’ve liked with chard is chicken breasts with a lemony-cream cheese mixture and steamed chard on top.

Now I have two recipes that I like with chard. I learned from this escapade that one should dump carefully… crushed red peppers, that is. I didn’t have jalapenos, and even though I had to go to the store again for the sour cream, I didn’t want to deal with spicy fingers either. I filled open the top of crushed red peppers and gave it just a slight tip over into the pan. I must have emptied 2 tablespoons into my mushroom and onion mixture. I tried to scoop it out, but the steam became so spicy, it hurt my lungs and I couldn’t see through my watery eyes. And so I gave up and left it like that. And yes, I did have to put a lot of sour cream on it to cut the heat.



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