Homework #2

The challenge with this week’s assignment was to find veggies that everyone in the family will agree to try or eat.  I’m not going to do all this cooking if no one is going to eat it!  So when I went shopping, I found that this was near to impossible.  As a mostly vegetarian family, we cook with the veggies we like and we steer clear of the ones we can’t agree on. After finding a webpage called The Misunderstood Eggplant – I figured I would try again to cook with eggplant.  Then I grabbed some green beans to soften the blow.

Meal #1:  Bhartha  (Spicy Indian Eggplant)


The Bhartha is the mix on the left.  After cooking the eggplant for 1 hour it was nice and mushy. I then added green beans (the recipe called for peas) and followed the recipe.  The Naan and dahl were not homemade but were nice to add to the meal.




Meal #2:  Tempura
Another way to embrace the eggplant was to serve as Tempura along with some chili and hoisin sauce.  I fried up the green beans and added zucchini.  Flavor was good but since I don’t eat too many fried foods, it was a bit much. My dog enjoyed them too!

Meal #3: Breakfast

I went to the standby of breakfast frittata.  To be honest – the eggplant didn’t make the cut.  Would you have eggplant for breakfast?  However, I did use the green beans, zucchini, and onions which I sauteed, seasoned, and then added scrambled eggs.  After a few minutes, frittata/scrambled egg mix.

The best way for me to add veggies to my diet is to keep a variety in the refridge.  That way I can throw them in a meal when the mood hits. I have a set of standard recipes that I can throw in any remaining veggies if I don’t use them.



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