Home Assignment #1

I live with two roommates in a house with a smallish kitchen.  We cook separately, but share a CSA and general baking supplies.  We moved together just a few months ago, bringing independently well-stocked kitchens –i.e. we have lots and lots of spices, vinegars, etc.  My part of the household pantry doesn’t have a lot of “extra” stuff beyond the ingredients I use week to week because there isn’t space.  It reduces food waste but also the likelihood of spontaneously creative meals.

I am still transitioning out of a grad school lifestyle where I spent as little time as I could spare planning and preparing meals. In light of this, I eat roughly the same thing every day.  It makes “meal planning” easy, because I don’t have to think about what to buy at the store – I just make a list to replace the items that I ate during the past week or so.  Cereal and milk for breakfast (+ maybe fruit or yogurt), sandwich for lunch (can switch up the contents or type of bread for variety), and sautéed veggies with either pasta or rice for dinner.   I keep a stash of canned goods and frozen items for when I inevitably run out of fresh stuff before going back to the store.  It does get boring, but when I try new recipes I get tired of cooking very quickly and then end up with a bunch of leftover ingredients for which I have no use.

These are two frequent “recipes” I use – the first what my meals look like when I still have fresh stuff and the second from later in the week.

Meal #1:

olive oil, garlic salt, and pepper

a bunch of vegetables (in this case: white onion, potato, green pepper, mushrooms, and tomato)

pre-cooked chicken sausage


I was hungry when I started making this meal, so I didn’t make a side of rice or eggs – but that could be nice.  Though single portion meals are great, I would also like to get in the practice of making larger batches of food (for some reason I rarely do this when starting from fresh ingredients).

Meal #2:

1 cup red rice

garlic, onions

1-can whole-kernel corn, 1-can diced tomatoes, 1-can kidney beans

pepper-jack cheese (cut into small pieces from a block and tossed on top of the finished meal)



I usually cook garlic and onion in some olive oil before adding the canned goods.  I had used up all of my onions, so I threw in the last of my fresh veggies instead (some mushrooms).  I didn’t drain the cans as thoroughly as I sometimes do so meal prep took longer as I waited for liquid to boil off.  I made slightly more rice than I needed for the quantity of vegetables, so the leftovers were less flavorful than the first meal.  I didn’t get the rice stuck to the bottom of the pot!


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